What We Do:

The First Tee has at its very foundation our NINE CORE VALUES. What is so great is how the game of golf allows our participants to EXPERIENCE these Values: CONFIDENCE, COURTESY, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, JUDGMENT, PERSEVERANCE, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and SPORTSMANSHIP. In addition to learning a lifetime sport and values that will last forever, our programming seamlessly integrates our teaching of golf skills with our Life Skills Experience program. The Life Skills Experience programming will provide our participants with methods to help manage emotions, set goals, resolve conflicts and interact with others. To be clear, we are serious about teaching golf skills. But, we want our participants to have fun and to enrich their lives along the way. It is our goal to prioritize each of these equally.

How We Do It:

We offer our programming at two locations: The First Tee Learning Center in Lowell (main site) and in Bella Vista at the Tanyard Creek Driving Range and Brittany Golf Course facilities.

Our regular programming offers seven monthly sessions, beginning in April and ending in October. Each session features four classes, in a group setting, for the participant to attend – one each week. The sessions are not progressive, meaning that missing a session and coming back the next month does not put you behind. You will register for a class on a given day and time for each session you wish to attend. Classes are available by age group: PLAYer (seven and eight year olds), PAR 9-11 (nine to 11 year olds) and PAR 12-18 (12 years and older). We also offer Girls Only classes in each age group, as well as a special Girls on Course program for girls ages 11-17, made up of five special events.

In addition to our regular programming, we offer competitive golf experiences (High School Development Class, Let’s Go Golfing, DASANI Summer Tour), Summer Golf Camps and Individual Golf Lessons.

For those participants striving for excellence, we offer The First Tee Certification Program. Beginning at nine years old, all participants are classified at the PAR Level. Through hard work, a PAR Level participant can achieve the BIRDIE Level by completing the PAR Level Life Skills component and passing his/her PAR golf skills
The First Tee Learning Center 715 E. Monroe Ave. Lowell, AR 72745 479-419-5807 thefirstteeNWA.org
testing. Once at the BIRDIE Level, the participant becomes eligible for several The First Tee national opportunities and becomes eligible to move up in age classification within our programming. The Certification program continues to the EAGLE and ACE Levels, with each creating more opportunities at the national level and the awareness of advancing their golf and life skills.

How Do YOU Get Involved?

The process to get involved is easy and available online 24/7. You begin the process from this page by clicking on the Register Now button on our website.

The first step in the process is to complete an Annual Membership for your participant(s). A 2017 Annual Membership (for $50.00) will provide your participant with the ability to register for classes, receive a The First Tee ID card, become eligible for Participant Discounts at The First Tee Learning Center ($2 for a bucket of balls and $1 for up to nine holes) and discounts through our Get Them Playing Program at area golf courses.

Once your participant has an Annual Membership, you can immediately take advantage of our discount programs and all family members are eligible for discounts at The First Tee Learning Center.

Beginning March 1, registration for classes will begin for our April Classes. Prior to March 1, our website will provide a schedule of classes so that you will be able to determine a day/time/place that best fits your schedule and will help the class registration process go smoother.

We certainly hope this answered most of your questions about our program. If it did not answer ALL your questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 479-419-5807, or email us at brian@thefirstteenwa.org.

We hope to see you and your participant VERY SOON!