INclement Weather Policy

We have developed the following procedures for cold, rain and/or the threat of rain

1. When you registered your participant, we asked for your text phone number. This will be used to contact you in the event of inclement weather forcing us to cancel classes. If you did not provide a text number to contact you with this information, please contact the office ASAP (479-419-5807 or and provide us with the best method to contact you.

2. We attempt to make the decision about classes as quickly as possible. However, we will make a determination on cancelling classes no later than 45 minutes before the start of your class. These notifications will be sent by text message, email, Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, the weather is unpredictable even when we wait until 45 minutes before class to make the decision. This may lead us to cancel a class(es) only to have the storm miss us completely. Please know we will try our best to make the best decision possible.

3. Rain is not the only reason we will cancel classes. Cold weather is also a factor we will use to cancel class. Cold, blustery conditions (especially for evening classes) may lead to cancelled classes.

4. Most often, our classes are near capacity. Therefore, when your class is rained out, it is very likely we will not have an opportunity to allow you to come to a class on a different day. We will offer make-up dates when possible.  If we can offer the make-up date on the same day of the week as your regularly scheduled class, we will do that first. However, there’s a good change it will be offered a different day of the week.

5.  If we cannot schedule adequate make-up days, we will consider three of four classes a full session. Completing two of four classes will result in a $15.00 refund. Completing one or fewer classes will result in a full refund. The completion of a make-up class will count as a class for everyone in the class.