May 11

The First Tee lEarning Center

The ASC will take place at The First Tee Learning Center in Lowell, on  May 11th. 200+ elementary ages students will compete in a drive, chip and putt challenge at our facility. For three months leading up to this date, our First Tee coaches will have worked with every student at the schools who participate in the ASC, impacting thousands of local youth!

Sponsors can take part in this program as part of their marketing budget, as well as, charitable giving. We will hang posters in every ASC school- roughly 20 schools throughout the four major school districts. Posters will include details on the ASC and logos of our sponsors. We will also garner radio and TV spots for this program throughout the year.

Drive Sponsors- $5,000

Large logo on posters, signage at the Driving Range during the ASC, recognition on all promotional materials, website, social media (schools and TFT)  and radio/TV spots. Include in awards ceremony

Chip Sponsors- $3,000

Medium logo on posters, signage at the chipping stations during ASC, recognition on website and social media (schools and TFT)

Putt Sponsors- $1,500

Small logo on posters, signage at putting green during ASC, recognition on website